Anchor It: To-Do for VisionOS

Blend your to-dos with reality

Do you often forget or procrastinate on your tasks? Anchor It lets you anchor your to-dos in your reality, so you never miss a thing. Just point, click, and anchor your tasks anywhere you want. They will float in your reality and remind you when you walk by.

Anchor It is more than just a to-do app. It’s a productivity tool that enhances your vision with reminders blended into your reality. With Anchor It, you can:

- Create and manage your tasks with a simple and intuitive interface
- Anchor your tasks to any object or location in your reality
- See your tasks float in your vision where you left them
- Customize your tasks with names, details, due dates, and priorities
- Enjoy a seamless and immersive experience with visionOS, the world’s best operating system for spatial computing

Anchor It is the to-do app that sticks with you. Whether it’s a dishwasher task above the dishwasher, a grocery list on the fridge, or a workout plan on the mirror, Anchor It helps you stay on top of your goals and get things done.

Anchor It: The to-do app that sticks with you.

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