AmazeVR Concerts

Best Spatial Music Experience

First ever spatial interactive music experience on Apple Vision Pro. Combining the thrill of a concert and intimacy of a personal performance, AmazeVR Concerts revolutionizes the music experience. Step into the music and be on stage with your favorite artists, anytime, anywhere.

• 8K Visual Quality: Unparalleled fidelity. Feel as if the artist is performing right in front of you.
• Interactive Hand Gestures: Engage in the artist's world. Send virtual hearts with intuitive gestures.
• Immersive Eye-to-Eye Performances: Personalized experiences like never before. Maintain eye contact with artists as they perform exclusively for you.
• Designed Exclusively for Vision OS: Tailor-made to harness the full potential of Vision OS, ensuring an unmatched experience.

• Awarded as one of the “Most Innovative Companies” by Fast Company, AmazeVR Concerts sets a new standard in immersive concert experiences.
• Nominated for Webby Awards as the Best Immersive Experience

One time purchase to the concerts give you life time access to the content. Must be 13+ to use an Apple Vision Pro. For more information on AmazeVR Concerts please visit

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