AirWeight for Bluetooth Scales

AirWeight connects to your Xiaomi Mi Scale or SANITAS SBF70 Bluetooth scale and reads your weight in realtime, computes your body mass index and body fat percentage and saves the measurements in the Health app.

Supported Scales:
• Xiaomi Mi Scale
• Xiaomi Mi Scale 2
• Xiaomi Mi Composition Scale
• Xiaomi Mi Composition Scale 2
• SANITAS SBF70 Weight Scale

AirWeight supports macOS, iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, visionOS and tvOS.

• AirWeight can save your weight, body mass index, body fat percentage and lean body mass measurements in the Health app. HealthKit support is available on iOS and watchOS.
• Computing the body fat percentage and lean body mass is only supported on scales with bio-impedance sensors like the Xiaomi Mi Composition Scale and Xiaomi Mi Composition Scale 2.
• Computing the body mass index, body fat percentage and lean body mass requires granting AirWeight access to read the height, biological sex and birthdate from the Health app.
• AirWeight can optionally sync past measurements using iCloud so that they can be viewed on devices without HealthKit support, such as a Mac or Apple TV. This feature needs to be enabled in the app settings of each device. At least one device with HealthKit support is required to propagate the measurements to other devices.
• AirWeight includes extensive widget support which includes graph and launcher widgets in various sizes that can be added to the home screen and lock screen on iOS / iPadOS, to the notification center in macOS and to the watch-face in watchOS.

Privacy by Design: AirWeight works completely on-device and does not store or send any information outside of the protected app sandbox.

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