Build and ride roller coasters

AirCoaster is the unexpected and implausible intersection of rollercoaster building and visual art. On the iPhone and iPad, skilled users have used our app for years to craft thrilling, psychedelic motion experiences.

We were here on the App Store when the original iPad shipped back in April 2010 with a multi-touch track editor that took advantage of the iPad's large display. Nearly 14 years later, we are thrilled to unveil an all new AirCoaster experience designed exclusively for the Apple Vision Pro.

Browse and download amazing roller coasters uploaded by our online community, buckle up, and experience their creations like never before, in fully immersive, heart pumping 3D on the amazing Apple Vision Pro.

About the iPhone/iPad version:

Your purchase of AirCoaster includes the iPhone, iPad and Apple Vision Pro versions of the app. On the iPhone and iPad, AirCoaster includes a powerful track editor for creating and uploading roller coasters. To access your roller coaster files on the Apple Vision Pro, simply select the option to move these files to iCloud from the Files tab in the app.

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