Air Poolbar

Virtual Billiard poolbar

Practice billiards anytime, anywhere in an immersive space!
Place a real-sized billiard table anywhere in the room and play.
You can hit the ball with realistic spatial gesture actions just like playing real billiards.
- Using both hands to operate the cue.
- Simple shot with your fingertips.
- Aim the shot point on the ball with your eyes.
You can pick up the ball with your hands and move it in the spatial world.

You can also practice the same situation over and over again with the snapshot function, which memorizes and reproduces the position of the balls. You can easily undo up to 100 shots.

Play at your own pace and enjoy!


- 8 ball / 9 ball
- gesture cue / finger cue / look and pull
- right-handed / left-handed

- snap shot
- undo
- velocity vector marker

- table select
- table rotation/move/magnify

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