3D Model Viewer - AR & Print

Simulate 3D Printing and AR

Have you ever wanted to view and interact with 3D Models?
3D Model Viewer allows you to view compatible 3D Models using your Apple Vision Pro.
You can even simulate 3D Printing and view your model in AR mode!

-- View 3D Models
Import and view your 3D models in real time, rotating, moving and painting!

-- Simulate 3D Printing
Watch a simulation of your model being 3D printed from bottom to top and identify any potential problems with the model without wasting any printing material!

-- Compatible with many formats
3D Model Viewer supports the following formats: .stl, .obj*, .abc, .ply, .usdz, .usd, .usda, .dae
*.obj files can be imported with textures in the format of a .zip file

Explore your models in an exciting new way using Model Viewer for Apple Vision Pro!

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